Investigation of Wood Impact Properties Using Fractal Dimension Analysis


  • Shaoqun Zhang
  • Jun Hua
  • Wei Xu
  • Guangwei Chen
  • Sheldon Q. Shi
  • Liping Cai


Fractal dimension, impact ductility, transverse and longitudinal directions, regression


Fractal analysis is a research tool recently used to model various processes. However, this analysis has not been used for determining impact properties of wood. In this study, the transverse and longitudinal impact ductility of five species, ie white pine, poplar, pine, birch, and basswood, was experimentally determined. Based on the grid-cover method, photographs were taken of the fracture surfaces and edited by image graying using Photoshop CS5 (Adobe Systems Inc.). The yardstick δ was determined by adjusting the distance between the grid lines. The slope K of the regression equation of Log(1/δi) vs Log(Ni]) was the fractal dimension DL of the fracture profile curve. Fractal dimension allows us to measure the complexity of fracture profiles after the specimens were broken by impacts. The results indicate that the average fractal dimension values were 2.023-2.075 on the fractures from transverse and longitudinal impacts. The longitudinal impact ductility was greater than the transverse for all tested species. The transverse and longitudinal impact ductility was linearly related to the fracture fractal dimension.


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