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Dyeing of Acetylated Wood with Disperse Dyes

Ying Zhao, Xiaoyan Tan, Xiaoqiao Wan, Yao Yuan, Zehua Yu, Jingfang Tang


In this study, fir powder and acetylated fir powder were dyed using a series of disperse dyes under high temperature and pressure and were compared with the dyeing of polyester under the same condition. Acetylated oak and poplar veneer were also dyed as a reference. Unmodified fir powder, acetylated fir powder, and dyed acetylated fir powder were characterized by IR spectra and scanning electron microscope. The effect of pH value and dye concentration on the dyeing properties and fastness was evaluated and compared. Disperse dyes exhibited better dyeability and fastness on acetylated fir powder than on unmodified fir powder. This was because of the differences in the structures of the two fir powders.


Wood modification;acetylated wood;wood dyeing;disperse dyes;color shade

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