Among-Clone Variations of Anatomical Characteristics and Wood Properties in <i>Tectona Grandis</i> Planted in Indonesia


  • Fanny Hidayati
  • Futoshi Ishiguri
  • Kazuya Iizuka
  • Kazuko Makino
  • Sri Nugroho Marsoem
  • Shinso Yokota


<i>Tectona grandis</i>, clones, anatomical characteristics, wood properties, repeatability


Anatomical characteristics (vessel diameter [VD], fiber wall thickness [FWT], fiber diameter [FD], vessel element length [VEL], and fiber length [FL]) and wood properties (basic density [BD] and compressive strength parallel to grain [CS] in the green condition) were determined for 27 12-yr-old teak trees planted in Java Island, Indonesia. The mean values of VD, FWT, FD, VEL, FL, BD, and CS were 188 μm, 2.78 μm, 23.4 μm, 284 μm, 1.42 mm, 510 kg/m3, and 37.5 MPa, respectively. Significant differences in VEL, BD, and CS occurred among the nine clones. Moderate to high values of repeatability were obtained for FD, VEL, BD, and CS, indicating that these characteristics are genetically controlled. Radial variation of FL with respect to relative distance showed almost the same pattern for two different radial growth rates (faster and slower) at the same age, suggesting that xylem maturation in teak trees depends on cambial age rather than stem diameter.


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