Contribution Factor of Wood Properties of Three Poplar Clones to Strength of Laminated Veneer Lumber

Fucheng Bao, Feng Fu, Elvin T. Choong, Chung-yun Hse


The term "Contribution Factor" (Cf) was introduced in this paper to indicate the contribution ratio of solid wood properties to laminated veneer lumber (LVL) strength. Three poplar (Populus sp.) clones were studied, and the results showed that poplar with good solid wood properties has high Contribution Factor. The average Contribution Factor of Poplar 69 (Populus deltoides cv. I-69/55), Poplar 72 (P. euramericana cv. I-72/58), and Poplar 63 (P. deltoides cv.I-63-51) was 76.2%, 68.6%, and 66.1%, respectively. The average Contribution Factor of the three clones for shear strength, modulus of elasticity (MOE), and impact toughness was approximately 80%, which is higher than that for modulus of rupture (MOR), compressive strength, and hardness. The average Contribution Factor of the six properties tested was highest in Poplar 69 (76.2%) and the lowest in Poplar 63 (66.1%), indicating that the Contribution Factor is positively affected by solid wood properties. Densification also significantly affects LVL MOE in Poplar 72, as compared to that of Poplar 69. Poplar 63, however, showed highest improvement in MOR strength from solid wood to LVL and also highest specific LVL MOR, even though it has the lowest solid wood MOR among the three clones.


Contribution factor;<i>Populus</i> sp.;solid wood;laminated veneer lumber;wood properties;strength;plantation

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