• Weiqi Leng
  • H. Michael Barnes Mississippi State University Starkville, MS
  • Jilei Zhang Mississippi State University
  • Zhiyong Cai


Effect, temperature, Graphene encapsulated copper nanoparticles



Graphene-encapsulated copper nanoparticles (GECNs) can be applied in the wood protection


industry. In this study, a simple thermal treatment was applied to a mixture of kraft lignin and copper


sulfate for the synthesis of GECNs. The effect of temperature, duration time, temperature rising ramp, and


argon gas flow rate were investigated on the quality of the GECNs. Temperature was found to be the most


important factor in the growth of graphene; high temperature was preferred to obtain less defective


graphene shells. Gas flow rate, duration time, and temperature rising ramp had less effect. The optimum


synthesis parameters were proposed as 1000C, 30-min duration time, 20C/min temperature rising ramp,


and 1200-sccm argon gas flow rate. Results showed that postheat treatment was a feasible way to improve


the crystallinity of graphite.



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