• Connie S Love Oregon State University(Retired)
  • Luis Meza Oregon State University
  • Jeffrey Morrell Oregon State University
  • Stan T Lebow U.S. Forest Products Laboratory
  • Frederick Matt US Forest Products Laboratory


landfill, wood deterioration, softwoods, hardwoods, carbon sequestration


The effect of landfill exposure on residual levels of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin was investigated on wood materials removed from differing depths in a 5 year old landfill cell in western Oregon.  There was little evidence of change in the levels of these components with increasing landfill cell depth in softwood lumber, softwood plywood, or hardwood lumber.   The results confirm studies at other landfills showing that wood degradation rates under anaerobic conditions in landfills are much slower than predicted and that models to predict these rates need to be modified.

Author Biographies

Luis Meza, Oregon State University

Undergraduate student

Stan T Lebow, U.S. Forest Products Laboratory

Research Forest Products Technologist

Frederick Matt, US Forest Products Laboratory



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