Lateral connection behavior of molded core sandwich panels with self-tapping screws


  • Daniel Way Oregon State University
  • Tahir Akgul Sakarya University
  • Ian Morrell Gonzaga University
  • Arijit Sinha Oregon State University


self-tapping screws, molded core panels, sandwich panels, wood connectors, lateral connections


This study investigated lateral connection behavior of a single shear connection between a molded core sandwich panel produced with wood strands, and solid sawn lumber. A continuous thread self-tapping screw and common nail were the fasteners evaluated. Connection assemblies with self-tapping screws showed much greater stiffness, yield load, and load-carrying capacity than nailed assemblies, indicating that self-tapping screws may be a viable option for connections between wood-based molded core panels and solid sawn lumber.

Author Biographies

Daniel Way, Oregon State University

Department of Wood Science and Engineering, Graduate Research Assistant

Tahir Akgul, Sakarya University

Department of Civil Engineering, Assistant Professor

Ian Morrell, Gonzaga University

School of Engineering & Applied Science, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Arijit Sinha, Oregon State University

Department of Wood Science and Engineering, Assistant Professor


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Research Contributions