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Comparison of Nondestructive Testing Methods for Evaluating No. 2 Southern Pine Lumber: Part B, Modulus of Rupture

Bonnie Zhuo Yang, Roy Daniel Seale, Rubin Shmulsky, Joseph Dahlen, Xiping Wang


The identification of strength-reducing characteristics that impact modulus of rupture (MOR) is a key differentiation between lumber grades. Because global design values for MOR are at the fifth percentile level and in-grade lumber can be highly variable, it is important that nondestructive evaluation technology be used to better discern the potential wood strength. In that manner, higher-performance pieces could potentially be identified and their value captured accordingly. In this study, laboratory tests of three nondestructive testing (NDT) technologies and destructive four-point static bending were applied to 343 pieces of visually graded No. 2 southern pine lumber in the 38140 mm2 (n . 86), 38186 mm2 (n . 112), 38236 mm2 (n . 91), and 38 287 mm2 (n . 54) sizes collected across the southeast region of the United States. The NDT tests included continuous lumber test in continuous proof bending (MetriguardModel 7200 High Capacity Lumber Tester), transverse vibration (Metriguard E-Computer), and two longitudinal stress wave tools (Falcon A-Grader and Fiber-gen Director HM200). Following nondestructive tests, the specimens were destructively tested in four-point static bending. Single-predictor linear correlations were observed between static bending MOE and MOR value; and NDT outputs and bending MOR value. The regression results showed that the average NDT outputs (r2 . 0.23-0.28) had lower performance than static bending MOE (r2 . 0.39), for predicting the bending MOR of sawn lumber.



Nondestructive evaluation, transverse vibration evaluation, longitudinal stress wave evaluation, high capacity lumber tester, modulus of rupture, lumber grades

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