Localized Modulus of Elasticity in Timber and Its Significance for the Accuracy of Machine Strength Grading

J. Oscarsson, A. Olsson, B. Enquist


From previous research, it is well known that a localized modulus of elasticity (MOE) is a better indicating property (IP) of strength than an MOE averaged across a longer span. In this study, it was investigated to what extent the relationship, in terms of coefficient of determination (R2), between strength and localized MOE was dependent on the length across which the MOE was determined. Localized MOE was calculated with MOE profiles based on dot laser scanning of fiber directions, axial dynamic excitation, and a scheme of integration across a board's cross-section. Two board samples were investigated. Maximum R2 values, which were as high as 0.68 and 0.77, respectively, were obtained for localized MOE determined across lengths corresponding to about half the depth of the investigated boards. Consequently, application of a highly localized bending MOE as an IP will result in very competitive grading.


Fiber angle;indicating property;laser scanning;machine strength grading;modulus of elasticity;strain fields

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