Specific Gravity, Fiber Length, and Extractive Content of Young Paulownia

James R. Olson, Stanley B. Carpenter


The potential of using paulownia (Paulownia tomentosa) as a pulpwood species was assessed by evaluating the within-tree variation in specific gravity, fiber length, and extractive content of young trees growing on surface-mined land. Stem-wood fiber length and extractive-free specific gravity averaged 0.79 mm and 0.249, respectively. Total average extractive content approached 13%. Compared with other fast-growing hardwoods, paulownia has a lower specific gravity, shorter fiber length, and higher extractive content. All of these factors make paulownia a poor pulpwood species for most types of paper. Its fast growth rate may, however, favor the species as a valuable fiber source for some specialty-type papers where strength is not important.


Within-tree variation;wood properties;specific gravity;fiber length;extractive content;growth rate;pulpwood;Paulownia tomentosa

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