Properties of White Pine Lumber Dried by Radio-Frequency/Vacuum Process and Conventional Kiln Process

Robert A. Harris, Andy W. C. Lee


A study was conducted to evaluate selected physical and mechanical properties of white pine lumber dried by a radio-frequency/vacuum drying process compared to lumber dried in a conventional kiln. Twenty-four 8/4 white pine boards 16 feet long were cut in half to provide end-matched, 8-ft long boards. One half of the boards was dried in a radio-frequency/vacuum (RFV) kiln and the other half in a conventional kiln. The RFV drying process produced white pine lumber with slightly, but significantly higher equilibrium moisture content, and lower compressive strength than lumber dried by a conventional process. No difference was detected for static bending, shear, hardness, or specific gravity.


White pine;radio-frequency/vacuum;dielectric;kiln drying;EMC;specific gravity;static bending;shear;hardness;compression strength

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