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Technical Note: Melt Dispersion Technique for Preparing Paraffin Wax Microspheres for Cellulose Encapsulation

Yuanfeng Pan, Shaolong Sun, Qingzheng Cheng, Yusuf Celikbag, Brian K. Via, Xiaoying Wang, Runcang Sun


A practical and convenient approach for making paraffin wax microspheres with a melt dispersion technique was reported in this study. Surfactants were melted in water by water bath and then added to a flask after the wax was completely melted with stirring. Paraffin wax microspheres were generated by cooling. The obtained microspheres exhibited uniform diameters in the range of 10-60 μm observed with a scanning electrical microscope and were mainly dependent on the surfactant ratio. Encapsulated microcrystalline cellulose particles with the previously mentioned conditions were also generated and demonstrated the possibility of encapsulating microcrystalline cellulose with some acceptable agglomeration, although some encapsulated individually. Encapsulation of cellulose could be beneficial if agglomeration could be minimized and the encapsulated microcapsules could be dispersed during blending for wood composites manufacture.


Wax microsphere;microcapsule;melt dispersion;cooling phase separate;microcrystalline cellulose

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