Experimental Equilibrium Moisture Content of Wood Under Vacuum


  • Song-lin Yi
  • Yong-dong Zhou
  • Yu-rong Liu
  • Bi-guang Zhang
  • Xiao-jiang Feng


Vacuum drying, equilibrium moisture content (EMC)


Wood equilibrium moisture content (EMC) was measured under vacuum by an electronic method. A wafer was used to measure EMC using an in-house designed vacuum instrument. EMC at 4 to 100 kPa and temperature from 30 to 90°C were measured. The relationships among temperature, pressure, and EMC were determined, and a diagram of wood EMC was produced. The results showed there are obvious differences between experimental EMC values obtained and theoretical EMC values of other researchers. It is suggested that corrections should be introduced into theoretical models or a new model for the vacuum condition developed.


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Research Contributions