Effect of Knife Wear on the Gluability of Planed Surfaces of Radiata Pine

A. Cecilia Bustos, L. César Moya, M. Justo Lisperguer, M. Eduardo Viveros


The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of knife wear on the gluability of planed surfaces of radiata pine. A conventional process was used to plane samples to four lengths: 200; 10,000; 20,000; and 30,000 m. Cutting-edge recession was measured on the clearance surface of the planing knife for each length. The gluing properties of the planed surfaces were determined for each of the four levels of knife wear using polyvinyl acetate and emulsion polymer isocyanate adhesives. The results showed that the greatest amount of cutting-edge recession on the clearance surface was 65 μm after 30,000 m of planing. The tensile shear strength (TSS) of the lap-joint glue line decreased with knife wear from increased planing. However, TSS was generally greater than the minimum prescribed by the BS EN 204 standard. The effect of knife wear on TSS was more significant after accelerated aging of the glued samples.


Planing;knife wear;gluing properties;radiata pine

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