Comparative Properties of Bamboo and Pine Pellets

Zhijia Liu, Zehui Jiang, Benhua Fei, Zhiyong Cai, Xing'e Liu


Bamboo is a biomass material that has great potential as a bioenergy resource of the future. To the best of our knowledge, there is a lack of sufficient information concerning bamboo pellets. Bamboo and pine pellets were therefore manufactured using a laboratory pellet mill. This study was carried out to compare and evaluate the properties of bamboo and pine pellets as biomass solid fuels. Bamboo pellets exhibited better combustion properties except for inorganic ash and worse overall physical properties than pine pellets. Most properties of both pellets were improved through carbonization treatment except for bulk and particle density. The properties of all pellets determined in this study met the requirements of Pellet Fuels Institute standards except for bulk density of bamboo pellets, and the gross calorific value also met the minimum requirement for producing commercial pellets of DIN 51731 (>17,500 J/g) (1996). The information from this study is helpful for evaluating properties of bamboo pellets and developing and using bamboo resources.


biomass;bioenergy;bamboo;bamboo pellet;pine pellet

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