Variations in Pore Structure of Activated Carbon Fibers from Liquefied Wood with Preoxidation Treatment

Zhi Jin, GuangJie Zhao


Preoxidation treatments in air at 200-280°C were introduced in the preparation of activated carbon fiber from liquefied wood (LWACF) with steam activation at 910°C to enlarge its pore size distribution (PSD). LWACF yield was improved 1.14 times with preoxidation at 200°C. With increasing preoxidation temperature, the specific surface area increased from 2592 to 3068 m2/g. Preoxidations at 200 and 240°C predominantly enhanced the microporosity development without significant pore widening, whereas preoxidation at 280°C significantly enlarged the PSD. Mesopore volume increased by 72%, and methylene blue adsorption capacity improved by 34%.


Preoxidation;liquefied wood;activated carbon fiber;pore development;mesoporosity

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