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Number 3 / July 1991 Wood Quality in Hildegardia Barteri (MAST.) Kossern—An African Tropical Pioneer Species Abstract   PDF
Olayinka O. Omolodun, Bruce E. Cutter, Gary F. Krause, E. Allen McGinnes, Jr.
Number 3 / July 1994 Wood Quality Of Norway Spruce Grown In Plantations In Quebec Abstract   PDF
Donald Blouin, Jean Beaulieu, Gaetan Daoust, Jean Poliquin
Number 4 / Winter 1980 Wood Science and Technology in a University Setting Details   PDF
Helmuth Resch
Number 4 / Winter 1979 Wood Science and Technology—Past, Present, and Future Details   PDF
James Bethel
Number 3 / July 1984 Wood Science Curricula: A Plan For Improved Enrollment Abstract   PDF
Susan L. Sommer, James P. Armstrong
Number 2 / April 2008 Wood Shrinkage Prediction Using NIR Spectroscopy Abstract   PDF
Adam M. Taylor, Seung H. Baek, Myong K. Jeong, Gene Nix
Number 1 / January 2001 Wood Sorption Fractality in The Hygroscopic Range. Part I. Evaluation of A Modified Classic Bet Model Abstract   PDF
Bingye Hao, Stavros Avramidis
Number 4 / October 2003 Wood Sorption Fractality in the Hygroscopic Range. Part II. New Model Development and Validation Abstract   PDF
Bingye Hao, Stavros Avramidis
Number 1 / January 1994 Wood Specific Gravity Variability in Ceiba Pentandra Abstract   PDF
Robert A. Fimbel, Espen O. Sjaastad
Number 1 / January 1985 Wood Strength and Weight Losses Caused by Soft Rot Fungi Isolated from Treated Southern Pine Utility Poles Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey J. Morrell, Robert A. Zabel
Number 4 / October 2004 Wood Technology/Forest Products a Profession? Details   PDF
Geza Ifju
Number 3 / July 2013 Wood, the Best Material for Sustainable Building Design Details
Sheldon Q. Shi
Number 4 / October 2012 Wood Use in Nonresidential Construction: An Exploratory Research of the Roles of Media and Content in Direct Marketing Abstract   PDF
François Robichaud, André Richelieu, Robert Kozak
Vol 50, No 3 (2018) Wood Variability in Mature Longleaf Pine: Differences Related to Cardinal Direction for a Softwood in a Humid Subtropical Climate Abstract
Thomas L Eberhardt, Chi-Leung So, Daniel L Leduc
Number 2 / April 1995 Wood, What Could Be Details   PDF
Frederick A. Kamke
Number 4 / October 2008 Wood-Adhesive Interface Characterization And Modeling In Engineered Wood Flooring Abstract   PDF
Benoît Belleville, Pierre Blanchet, Alain Cloutier, Jean Deteix
Number 4 / October 1991 Wood-Cement Composites: Effect of Model Compounds on Hydration Characteristics and Tensile Strength Abstract   PDF
D. P. Miller, A. A. Moslemi
Vol 49, No 4 (2017) Wood-rubber composite fabricated from rubber mixing and vulcanization molding process Abstract
Min Xu, Lina Han, Sheldon Qiang Shi, Jian Li
Number 4 / Winter 1981 Workshop Paves Way For Future Research on Lumber Details   PDF
Duane E. Lyon
Number 3 / Fall 1973 X-ray Scanning Machine for Tree-Ring Width and Density Analyses Abstract   PDF
M. L. Parker, L. A. Jozsa
Number 4 / Winter 1980 X-ray Scattering and X-ray Diffraction Techniques in Studies of Gamma-Irradiated Wood Abstract   PDF
B. E. Cutter, E. A. McGinnes, P. W. Schmidt
Number 3 / July 1999 You've Got Mail Details   PDF
Douglas J. Gardner
Number 4 / Winter 1973 Young's Modulus Parallel to the Grain in Wood as A Function of Strain Rate, Stress Level and Mode of Loading Abstract   PDF
Alan Sliker
Number 2 / April 1993 Zones of Gelatinous Fibers in Populus Balsamifera L. Abstract   PDF
David C. Ritter, Robert E. Kroll, Roland O. Gertjejansen
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