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Number 2 / April 1991 Weathering and Finish Performance of Acetylated Aspen Fiberboard Abstract   PDF
William C. Feist, Roger M. Rowell, John A. Youngquist
Number 2 / April 1987 Weathering Behavior of Dimensionally Stabilized Wood Treated by Heating Under Pressure of Nitrogen Gas Abstract   PDF
William C. Feist, Juergen Sell
Number 2 / Summer 1976 Wettability of Wood Pulp Fibers: Applicability of Methodology Abstract   PDF
Raymond A. Young
Number 3 / July 1994 Wetting Agent and Ultrasonic Cavitation Effects on Drying Characteristics of Three U.S. Hardwoods Abstract   PDF
Peter Y. S. Chen, William T. Simpson
Number 3 / July 2007 Wetting Behaviors of Phenol- and Urea-Formaldehyde Resins as Compatibilizers Abstract
Sangyeob Lee, Todd F. Shupe, Leslie H. Groom, Chung Y. Hse
Number 4 / Winter 1979 Weyerhaeuser Research Skill Requirements and Implied Educational Needs Details   PDF
F. K. Guthrie
Number 1 / January 1995 What Are Your Research Priorities? Details   PDF
Frank C. Beall
Number 2 / April 2012 What is Wood and Forest Culture Research and Does it Matter? Details   PDF
Howard Rosen
Number 3 / July 2003 Where SWST Stands and Where Should it Go? Providing Member Value Details   PDF
Richard P. Vlosky
Number 4 / Winter 1977 Whither Renewable Materials? Details   PDF
James S. Bethel
Number 2 / April 2000 Who Are We? Details   PDF
Les Groom
Number 1 / January 2004 Willingness to Pay for Certified Wooden Furniture: A Market Segment Analysis Abstract   PDF
Knut Veisten, Birger Solberg
Number 4 / October 1982 Windbreak-Grown Casuarina and Eucalyptus Trees for Unbleached Kraft Pulp Abstract   PDF
S. A. E. Kandeel, J. G. Isebrands, H. M. Aly
Number 1 / January 1996 "Wise Use" and Wood Science Details   PDF
Bob Youngs
C. A. Eckelman, E. Haviarova
Number 2 / April 2005 Withdrawal Strength of Various Laminated Veneer Dowels from Composite Materials Abstract   PDF
Burhanettin Uysal
Number 1 / January 2006 Within-Fiber Nonuniformities of Microfibril Angle Abstract   PDF
Marjan Sedighi-Gilani, Homeira Sunderland, Parviz Navi
Number 4 / October 2012 Within-Stem Variation in Wood Properties of Red Pine (Pinus Resinosa AIT.) Abstract   PDF
Cheng Zhou, Ying-Hei Chui, Meng Gong
Number 1 / January 2010 Within-Tree Variability of Wood Color in Paper Birch in Québec Abstract   PDF
Myriam Drouin, Robert Beauregard, Isabelle Duchesne
Number 1 / January 2001 Within-Tree Variation of Heartwood, Extractives and Wood Density in the Eucalypt Hybrid Urograndis (Eucalyptus Grandis × E. Urophylla) Abstract   PDF
Jorge Gominho, João Figueira, José Carlos Rodrigues, Helena Pereira
Number 1 / Spring 1975 Wood and Adhesives Problems—A Look at the Future Abstract   PDF
F. Alan Tayelor, P. Eng, S. Chow
Number 2 / April 2009 Wood and Lumber Properties from Unthinned and Precommercially Thinned Black Spruce Plantations Abstract   PDF
Que-Ju Tong, Robert L. Fleming, Francis Tanguay, S. Y. Zhang
Number 4 / October 1985 Wood and Paper Properties of Vacuum Airlift Segregated Juvenile Poplar Whole-Tree Chips Abstract   PDF
J. E. Phelps, J. G. Isebrands, D. W. Einspahr, J. B. Crist, J. A. Sturos
Number 2 / Summer 1976 Wood and Woman Details   PDF
Harold B. Gatslick
Number 4 / October 1992 Wood As a Bimodular Material Abstract   PDF
Terrance E. Conners, Patrick J. Medvecz
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