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Tyler Catchot, Frank C. Owens, Rubin Shmulsky, R. Daniel Seale
Number 3 / July 1995 Using Simons Stain to Predict Energy Savings During Biomechanical Pulping Abstract   PDF
Masood Akhtar, Robert A. Blanchette, Todd A. Burnes
Number 1 / January 2000 Utilization of Soft-rot Cavity Orientation for the Determination of Microfibril Angle. Part I Abstract   PDF
Susan E. Anagnost, Richard E. Mark, Robert B. Hanna
Number 2 / April 2008 Validation of the Standardized and Simplified Cutting Bill Abstract   PDF
Urs Buehlmann, D. Earl Kline, Janice K. Wiedenbeck, R. Noble
Number 1 / January 1988 Variability in The Chemical Composition of Plantation Eucalypts (Eucalyptus Globulus Labill.) Abstract   PDF
Helena Pereira
Number 2 / April 2000 Variability of Heartwood Content in Plantation-Grown Eucalyptus Globulus Labill. Abstract   PDF
Jorge Gominho, Helena Pereira
Number 4 / October 2009 Variability of Wood Color in Paper Birch in Québec Abstract   PDF
Myriam Drouin, Robert Beauregard, Isabelle Duchesne
Number 2 / April 1996 Variation In Cell Dimensions and Fibril Angle For Two Fertilized Even-Aged Loblolly Pine Plantations Abstract   PDF
Todd F. Shupe, Elvin T. Choong, Douglas D. Stokke, Mark D. Gibson
Number 2 / April 1989 Variation in Heartwood and Sapwood Properties Among 10-Year-old Black Walnut Trees Abstract   PDF
George Rink, John E. Phelps
Number 3 / July 2006 Variation in Loblolly Pine Cross-Sectional Microfibril Angle With Tree Height and Physiographic Region Abstract   PDF
Lewis Jordan, Rechun Re, Daniel B. Hall, Alexander Clark, Richard F. Daniels
Number 2 / April 2007 Variation in Loblolly Pine Ring Microfibril Angle in the Southeastern United States Abstract   PDF
Lewis Jordan, Rechun He, Daniel B. Hall, Alexander Clark III, Richard F. Daniels
Number 1 / Spring 1972 Variation in Permeability and Treatability in Shortleaf Pine and Yellow Poplar Abstract   PDF
E. T. Choong, P. J. Fogg
Number 1 / January 1989 Variation in Shrinkage Properties of Second-Growth Baldcypress and Tupelo-Gum Abstract   PDF
Elvin T. Choong, Peter J. Fogg, Carolyn B. Pollock
Number 1 / January 1997 Variation in the Anatomy and Specific Gravity of Wood within and Between Trees of Red Alder (Alnus Rubra Bong.) Abstract   PDF
Barbara L. Gartner, Hua Lei, Michael R. Milota
Number 3 / Fall 1969 Variation in The Cell-Wall Density of Wood Abstract   PDF
Robert M. Kellogg, Frederick F. Wangaard
Number 1 / January 1996 Variation in the Relationship of Wood Density With Growth In 40 Black Spruce (Picea Mariana) Families Grown in New Brunswick Abstract   PDF
Shu Yin Zhang, Dale Simpson, E. Kris Morgenstern
Number 1 / January 2000 Variation in the Response of Three Different Pinus Radiata Kraft Pulps to Xylanase Treatments Abstract   PDF
Shawn D. Mansfield, Ken K. Y. Wong, Alan R. Dickson
Number 4 / October 2004 Variation in Tree Growth, Wood Density, and Pulp Fiber Properties of 35 White Spruce (Picea Glauca (Moench) Voss) Families Grown in Quebec Abstract   PDF
Isabelle Duchesne, S. Y. Zhang
Number 2 / April 2004 Variation of Basic Density and Brinell Hardness Within Mature Finnish Betula Pendula and B. Pubescens Stems Abstract   PDF
Henrik Heräjärvi
Number 2 / Summer 1979 Variation of Cellular Proportions in Sweetgum and their Relation to Other Wood Properties Abstract   PDF
Andrew W. Ezell
Number 1 / January 2001 Variation of Cross-Sectional Properties Within Single Norway Spruce Tracheids Abstract   PDF
Jari Sirviö
Number 2 / April 1989 Variation of Fiber Composition in Sugar Cane Stalks Abstract   PDF
Alex Ouensanga
Number 3 / July 2013 Variation of Internal Checks Related to Anatomical Structure and Density in Eucalyptus Nitens Wood Abstract   PDF
Pamela Rebolledo, Linette Salvo, Helga Contreras, Alain Cloutier, Rubén A. Ananias
Number 2 /April 2002 Variation of Microfibril Angle Within Individual Tracheids Abstract   PDF
Susan E. Anagnost, Richard E. Mark, Robert B. Hanna
Number 4 / October 1981 Variation of Sweetgum Fiber Length Within and Between Upland and Bottomland Sites Abstract   PDF
Andrew W. Ezell, J. Larry Stewart
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