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Number 3 / July 1988 Analysis of Racked Wood Pallets Abstract   PDF
Joseph R. Loferski, Thomas E. McLain, Stephen T. Collie
Number 2 / April 1990 Analysis of The Fluidized Bed Drying of Wood Particles Abstract   PDF
Michael R. Milota, James B. Wilson
Number 2 / Summer 1973 Analysis of the Relationship Between Microstructure and Elastic Properties of the Cell Wall Abstract   PDF
R. C. Tang, N. N. Hsu
Number 3 / July 2003 Analysis of Wood Cantilever Loaded at Free End Abstract   PDF
Jen Y. Liu, Douglas R. Rammer
Number 1 / January 1985 Analytical Method of Active Ingredient in Glue-Line-Treated Plywood Abstract   PDF
Takayoshi Maeda, Misako Kawashima, Takaaki Ito, Kozo Tsuji
Number 3 / July 2003 Analytical Modeling of Rheological Postbuckling Behavior of Wood-Based Composite Panels Under Cyclic Hygro-Loading Abstract   PDF
Wook Kang, Byung-Dae Park, Woo Yang Chung, Hee Suk Jung
Number 2 / April 1985 Analytical Studies on the Nonlinear Bending Behavior of Nailed Layered Components Part II. Nailed Stressed-Skin Components Abstract   PDF
Fumio Kamiya
Number 1 / January 1985 Analytical Studies on the Nonlinear Bending Behavior of Nailed Layered Components: Part I. Nailed Layered Beams Abstract   PDF
Fumio Kamiya
Number 1 / January 1992 Anatomical and Physical Properties of Balsam Poplar (Populus Balsamifera L.) in Minnesota Abstract   PDF
Robert E. Kroll, David C. Ritter, Roland O. Gertjejansen, Khuan C. Au
Number 4 / Winter 1976 Anatomical Features Affecting Liquid Penetrability in Three Hardwood Species Abstract   PDF
Richard J. Thomas
Number 1 / Spring 1979 Anatomical Response and Recovery of Twigs of Juglans Nigra Following Oviposition Injury Inflicted by The Two-Spotted Treehopper, Enchenopa Biontata Abstract   PDF
J. E. Armstrong, W. H. Kearby, E. A. McGinnes, Jr
Number 2 / April 1988 Anatomical Studies of Cca Penetration Associated With Conventional (Tooth) and With Micro (Needle) Incising Abstract   PDF
C. T. Keith, G. Chauret
Number 1 / January 1987 Angle to Grain Strength of Dowel-Type Fasteners Abstract   PDF
Lawrence A. Soltis, Suparman Karnasudirdja, James K. Little
Number 3 / July 1992 Anisotropy Characterization of Structural Flakeboards with Ultrasonic Methods Abstract   PDF
Voichita Bucur
Number 2 / Summer 1978 Annual-Ring Width and Density Patterns in Red Alder Abstract   PDF
M. L. Parker, J. H. G. Smith, S. Johnson
Number 1 / Spring 1973 Anomalous Structures in the Bordered Pits of Fiber-Tracheids of Ribes Sanguineum Abstract   PDF
N. Parameswaran, W. Liese
Number 3 / July 2005 Anti-Fungal Properties Of The Pyroligneous Liquors From The Pyrolysis Of Softwood Bark Abstract   PDF
Daniel Mourant, Dian-Qing Yang, Xiao Lu, Christian Roy
Number 2 / April 2013 Antimicrobial Properties of the Hybrid Copper Nanoparticles-Carboxymethyl Cellulose Abstract
Tuhua Zhong, Gloria S. Oporto, Jacek Jaczynski, Adiam T. Tesfai, Jim Armstrong
Number 3 / July 1985 Antitermitic and Antifungal Properties of Selected Bark Extractives Abstract   PDF
Jalaluddin Harun, Peter Labosky
Number 1 / January 1984 Antitermitic Properties of Cellulose Pads Treated with Bark Extractives Abstract   PDF
Scott D. Steller, Peter Labosky
Samuel L Zelinka, Keith J Bourne, Samuel V Glass, Charles R Boardman, Linda Lorenz, Emil Engelund Thybring
Number 4 / October 2006 Appearance Wood Products and Psychological Well-Being Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Rice, Robert A. Kozak, Michael J. Meitner, David H. Cohen
Number 1 / January 2007 Application of a Mathematical Model to the Analysis of the Influence of Length and Diameter on Log Drying Rate Abstract   PDF
Maurice Defo, Gilles Brunette
Number 4 / October 1996 Application of a Modified Statistical Segmentation Method to Timber Machine Strength Grading Abstract   PDF
Frédéric Rouger
Number 2 / April 1999 Application of Nelson's Sorption Isotherm to Wood Composites and Overlays Abstract   PDF
Qinglin Wu
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