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Number 3 / July 1998 Acousto-Ultrasonic Assessment of Internal Decay in Glulam Beams Abstract   PDF
Markku Tiitta, Frank C. Beall, Jacek M. Biernacki
Number 2 / April 1987 Acousto-Ultrasonic Monitoring of Glueline Curing Abstract   PDF
Frank C. Beall
Number 3 / July 1989 Acousto-ultrasonic Monitoring of Glueline Curing. Part II. Gel and Cure Time Abstract   PDF
Frank C. Beall
Number 3 / July 2010 Acrylate Wood Densification: Effects of Vacuum Time and Nanoparticles on Chemical Retention, Penetration, and Resin Distribution Abstract   PDF
Xiaolin Cai, Pierre Blanchet
Number 4 / October 1999 Activate Your Membership! Details   PDF
W. Ramsay Smith
Number 3 / July 2012 Adapting to Change, Responding to Needs Details   PDF
Alain Cloutier
Number 2 / April 2007 Adhesive Penetration in Wood—a Review Abstract   PDF
Frederick A. Kamke, Jong N. Lee
Number 4 / October 1985 Adjusting for Specific Gravity Details   PDF
David W. Patterson
Number 3 / July 2003 Advances in Understanding The Ability of Sapstaining Fungi To Produce Cell Wall-Degrading Enzymes Abstract   PDF
Anke Schirp, Roberta L. Farrell, Bernhard Kreber, Adya P. Singh
Number 1 / January 2000 Adverse Effects of Heartwood on the Mechanical Properties of Wood-Wool Cement Boards Manufactured from Radiata Pine Wood Abstract   PDF
Kate Semple, Philip D. Evans
Number 3 / July 1990 Air Permeability, Shrinkage, And Moisture Sorption of Lodgepole Pine Stemwood Abstract   PDF
Janice K. Wiedenbeck, Klaus Hofmann, Perry Peralta, Chris Skaar, Peter Koch
Number 3 / Fall 1972 Aligning Forces on Wood Particles in an Electric Field Abstract   PDF
J. W. Talbott, E. K. Stefanakos
Number 1 / January 1991 Allowable Bending Strength Enhancement of 2 By 4 Lumber By Tension and Compression Proofloading Abstract   PDF
Edwin L. Heatwole, Frank E. Woeste, David W. Green
Number 2 / April 1987 Aluminum Sticks Do Not A Forest Make Details   PDF
Richard Jagels
Number 3 / July 2014 Among-Clone Variations of Anatomical Characteristics and Wood Properties in Tectona Grandis Planted in Indonesia Abstract
Fanny Hidayati, Futoshi Ishiguri, Kazuya Iizuka, Kazuko Makino, Sri Nugroho Marsoem, Shinso Yokota
Number 4 / October 2001 An Adaptive Wood Composite: Theory Abstract   PDF
Watanachai Smittakorn, Paul R. Heyliger
Number 1 / January 2007 An Advancement in Removing Extraneous Color From Wood for Low-Magnification Reflected-Light Image Analysis of Conifer Tree Rings Abstract   PDF
Paul R. Sheppard, Alex Wiedenhoeft
Number 2 / April 1999 An Algorithm for Log Rotation in Sawmills Abstract   PDF
David R. Gibson, Hari Pulapaka
Number 1 / January 2010 An Analysis of Appalachian Hardwood Products in the Chinese Market Abstract   PDF
Jingxin Wang, Jinzhuo Wu, James P. Armstrong
Number 4 / Winter 1971 An Analysis of Creep-Inducing Stress in Sitka Spruce Abstract   PDF
John F. Senft, S. K. Suddarth
Number 2 / Summer 1969 An Analysis Of Flexural Elastic Behavior Of 3-PLY Southern Pine Plywood Abstract   PDF
Evangelos J. Biblis, Jen-Ming Chiu
Number 2 / Summer 1971 An Analysis of Flexural Rigidity of 7-Ply Southern Pine Plywood Strips at Short Spans Parallel to Face Grain1 Abstract   PDF
Yen-Ming Chiu, Evangelos J. Biblis
Number 2 / Summer 1970 An Analysis of Flexural Stiffness of 5-Ply Southern Pine Plywood at Short Spans Parallel to Face Grain Abstract   PDF
Evangelos J. Biblis, Yen-Ming Chiu
Hao-jie Chai, Jing-Yao Zhao, Ying-Chun Cai
Number 2 / April 1996 An Analysis of Home Furnishings Retailers' Use of Furniture Markets Abstract   PDF
Judd H. Michael, Paul M. Smith
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