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Number 2 / Summer 1979 A Technological Answer? Details   PDF
Clark E. McDonald
Number 1 / Spring 1973 A Theory of Mechanical Response of Fiber Networks Abstract   PDF
Richard W. Perkins
Number 4 / October 2001 A Three-Dimensional Frictional Stress Analysis of Double-Shear Bolted Wood Joints Abstract   PDF
Shen-Haw Ju, Robert E. Rowlands
XIAOMEI LIU, Gorge Miller, Xiaodong(Alice) Wang, Hui Wan
Number 3 / July 1991 A Wish List Details   PDF
Arno P. Schniewind
Number 4 / October 1981 A Word From a New Pen Details   PDF
Wayne Murphey
Vol 50, No 1 (2018) Ability of finger-jointed lumber to maintain load at elevated temperatures Abstract
Douglas R Rammer, Samuel L Zelinka, Laura E Hasburgh, Steven T Craft
Number 3 / July 2005 Ability of Near Infrared Spectroscopy to Monitor Air-Dry Density Distribution and Variation of Wood Abstract   PDF
Brian K. Via, Chi-Leung So, Todd F. Shupe, Michael Stine, Leslie H. Groom
Number 1 / January 1993 Ability of Selected Bacterial and Fungal Bioprotectants to Limit Fungal Stain in Ponderosa Pine Sapwood Abstract   PDF
Bernhard Kreber, J. J. Morrell
Number 1 / Spring 1979 Absence of Growth-Wood Property Correlation in Twenty-Seven Black Pine Seed Sources Abstract   PDF
Chen H. Lee
Number 1 / January 2013 Accelerated Weathering Test of Kenaf Fiber Unsaturated Polyester Sheet Molding Compounds Abstract
Kaiwen Liang, Sheldon Q. Shi, Darrel D. Nicholas, Linda Sites
Number 4 / Winter 1979 Accreditation and SWST Details   PDF
Frank H. Kaufert
Number 4 / October 2008 Accreditation: Elevating Programs, the Profession, and SWST Details   PDF
Jim Armstrong, Rubin Shmulsky
Number 1 / January 1994 Acetyl Distribution in Acetylated Whole Wood and Reactivity of Isolated Wood Cell-Wall Components to Acetic Anhydride Abstract   PDF
Roger M. Rowell, Rune Simonson, Sabine Hess, David V. Plackett, Dave Cronshaw, Elizabeth Dunningham
Number 1 / January 1992 Acoustic Emission Associated with Oak During Drying Abstract   PDF
Stephen L. Quarles
Number 1 / January 2014 Acoustic Emission of Bolt-Bearing Testing on Structural Composite Lumbers Abstract
Yicheng Du, Jilei Zhang, Sheldon Shi
Number 1 / January 2007 Acoustic Evaluation of Wood Quality in Standing Trees. Part I. Acoustic Wave Behavior Abstract   PDF
Xiping Wang, Robert J. Ross, Peter Carter
Number 1 / January 1996 Acoustic Monitoring of Cold-Setting Adhesive Curing in Wood Laminates: Effect of Clamping Pressure and Detection of Defective Bonds Abstract   PDF
Jacek M. Biernacki, Frank C. Beall
Number 4 / October 2013 Acoustic Sorting Models for Improved Log Segregation Abstract   PDF
Xiping Wang, Steve Verrill, Eini Lowell, Robert J. Ross, Vicki L. Herian
Number 2 / April 2009 Acoustic Tomography for Decay Detection in Black Cherry Trees Abstract   PDF
Xiping Wang, Jan Wiedenbeck, Shanqing Liang
Number 3 / July 1998 Acousto-Ultrasonic Assessment of Internal Decay in Glulam Beams Abstract   PDF
Markku Tiitta, Frank C. Beall, Jacek M. Biernacki
Number 2 / April 1987 Acousto-Ultrasonic Monitoring of Glueline Curing Abstract   PDF
Frank C. Beall
Number 3 / July 1989 Acousto-ultrasonic Monitoring of Glueline Curing. Part II. Gel and Cure Time Abstract   PDF
Frank C. Beall
Number 3 / July 2010 Acrylate Wood Densification: Effects of Vacuum Time and Nanoparticles on Chemical Retention, Penetration, and Resin Distribution Abstract   PDF
Xiaolin Cai, Pierre Blanchet
Number 4 / October 1999 Activate Your Membership! Details   PDF
W. Ramsay Smith
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