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Number 4 / Winter 1977 A Note on Effects of Sewage Effluent Irrigation on Specific Gravity and Growth Rate of White and Red Oaks Abstract   PDF
P. S. Szopa, L. C. Tennyson, E. A. McGinnes
Number 4 / Winter 1975 A Note On Effects of Wounds On Heartwood Formation in White Oak (Quercus ALBA L.) Abstract   PDF
E. Allen McGinnes, Alex L. Shigo
Number 3 / Fall 1974 A Note on Light and Electron Microscopy Studies of White Pine Exposed to Marine Borer Damage Abstract   PDF
E. A. McGinnes, J. E. Phelps, P. J-Y. Lieu
Number 3 / July 1988 A Note on Load Duration of Douglas-Fir 2 by 4s Under Repeated Loads Abstract   PDF
C. C. Gerhards
Number 4 / Winter 1978 A Note on Prediction of Wood Properties in Yellow-Poplar Abstract   PDF
H. A. Core, W. W. Moschler, C Chang
Number 1 / January 1990 A Note on SAP pH in Eastern Redcedar (Juniperus Virginiana L.) Abstract   PDF
Bruce E. Cutter, Richard P. Guyette
Number 2 / Summer 1975 A Note on The Appearance of Sclereids From Western Hemlock Inner Bark1 Abstract   PDF
Otto Goldschmid, Max W. Folsom
Number 4 / Winter 1976 A Note on the Cell-Wall Structure of Softwood Tracheids Abstract   PDF
D. H. Page
Number 4 / Winter 1974 A Note on the Effect of Air-Drying On Vessel Openings and Air-Blockage in Yellow-Poplar Abstract   PDF
Peter Y. S. Chen
Number 3 / July 1986 A Note on The Effect of Alcohol-Benzene Extractives on Juvenile Wood Specific Gravity in Red Pine Abstract   PDF
Chen Hui Lee
Number 4 / Winter 1980 A Note on the Flexural Properties of Bark Board Abstract   PDF
Lester E. Rishel, Paul R. Blankenhorn, Wayne K. Murphey
Number 4 / Winter 1977 A Note on the Formation of Compression Wood Induced by Morphactin IT 3456 in Thuja Shoots Abstract   PDF
J. E. Phelps, E. A. McGinnes, M. Smoliński, M. Saniewski, Janina Pieniążek
Number 2 / April 1986 A Note on The Hankinson Formula Abstract   PDF
K. Y. Kim
Number 1 / Spring 1978 A Note on The Influence of Soil Parent Material on Northern Red OAK Specific Gravity Abstract   PDF
J. R. Hamilton, P. J. Litwin, E. H. Tryon
Number 3 / Fall 1974 A Note on the Protection of Wooden Beams Exposed to an Acidic, Humid Atmosphere Abstract   PDF
G. M. Barton, K. Hunt
Number 4 / Winter 1977 A Note on the Relationship Between Branch- and Stemwood Properties of Selected Hardwoods Growing in the Mid-South Abstract   PDF
Fred W. Taylor
Number 1 / Spring 1980 A Note on the Relationship Between Porosity Data and Intervessel Pit Dimension Abstract   PDF
W. K. Murphey, T. J. Elder, P. R. Blankenhorn
Number 1 / January 1988 A Note On The Sensitivity of A Closed-Tube Bioassay To Volatile Methylisothiocyanate Residues In Fumigant-Treated Wood Abstract   PDF
Andrew R. Zahora, Jeffrey J. Morrell
Number 2 / Summer 1979 A Note on The Strength of Jamaica Grown Bamboo Abstract   PDF
E. C. McLaughlin
Number 1 / Spring 1974 A Note on The Structure of Morphactin-Induced Wood in Two Coniferous Species Abstract   PDF
J. E. Phelps, M. Saniewski, M. Smoliński, J. Pieniążek, E. A. McGinnes, Jr.
Number 3 / Fall 1979 A Note on the Thermally Induced Changes of Intervessel Pits in Black Cherry (Prunus serotina EHRH.) Abstract   PDF
T. J. Elder, W. K. Murphey, P. R. Blankenhorn
Number 2 / April 1981 A Note on the Toxicity of Chloropicrin Vapors to Gloeophyllum Saepiarium and Poria sp. in Wood Abstract   PDF
Barry S. Goodell
Number 2 / Summer 1980 A Note on Within-Tree Variation of Specific Gravity in Sweetgum (Liquidambar Styraciflua L.) Abstract   PDF
Andrew W. Ezell, Prentiss E. Schilling
Number 3 / July 1996 A Numerical Analysis Technique to Evaluate the Moisture-Dependent Diffusion Coefficient on Moisture Movement During Drying Abstract   PDF
Yong Chen, Elvin T. Choong, David M. Wetzel
Number 1 / January 1994 A Numerical Model for Heat Transfer and Moisture Evaporation Processes in Hot-Press Drying—An Integral Approach Abstract   PDF
Yifu Tang, Ronald G. Pearson, C. Arthur Hart, William T. Simpson
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