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Number 3 / July 1996 A Model for Viscoelastic Consolidation of Wood-Strand Mats. Part II: Static Stress-Strain Behavior of the Mat Abstract   PDF
Elemer M. Lang, Michael P. Wolcott
Number 4 / October 2008 A Model of Knot Shape and Volume in Loblolly Pine Trees Abstract   PDF
Guillermo Trincado, Harold E. Burkhart
Number 3 / July 1995 A Model to Explain "Anomalous" Moisture Sorption in Wood Under Step Function Driving Forces Abstract   PDF
M. J. Cunningham
Number 1 / January 1987 A Model to Predict the Density Profile of Particleboard Abstract   PDF
Thomas E. G. Harless, Francis G. Wagner, Paul H. Short, R. Dan Seale, Philip H. Mitchell, Douglas S. Ladd
Number 2 / April 1996 A Modified Elastic Approach To The Theoretical Determination of The Hygroscopic Warping of Laminated Wood Panels Abstract   PDF
Danping Xu, Otto Suchsland
Number 3 / July 1999 A Multivariate Model of Power In The Relationship Among Suppliers And Resellers of U.S. Forest Products Entering Selected Markets of The European Union Abstract   PDF
John M. Guerin, Robert W. Rice
Number 1 / January 1999 A Neural Network Model for Wood Chip Thickness Distributions Abstract   PDF
Emily B. Schultz, Thomas G. Matney, Jerry L. Koger
Number 2 / Summer 1969 A New Apparatus For Compression Testing Of Wood Abstract   PDF
Jozsef Bodig, James R. Goodman
Number 2 / Summer 1975 A New Concept: Wood as an Integrated Part of Materials Science and Engineering Abstract   PDF
T. M. Maloney
Number 1 / January 1981 A New Dimension in Wood Utilization Details   PDF
Irving S. Goldstein
Number 2 / April 2008 A New Editor Details   PDF
Frank Beall
Number 4 / October 1986 A New Method for Determination of Glue Joint Shear-Strength in Laminated Wood Abstract   PDF
C. Passialis
Number 2 / April 1989 A New Method for Separating Diffusion Coefficient and Surface Emission Coefficient Abstract   PDF
Jen Y. Liu
Number 4 / October 2001 A New Model to Predict the Load-Slip Relationship of Bolted Connections in Timber Abstract   PDF
Christian P. Heine, J. Daniel Dolan
Number 3 / July 2003 A Nonlinear Regression Technique For Calculating the Average Diffusion Coefficient of Wood During Drying Abstract   PDF
Perry N. Peralta, Audimar P. Bangi
Number 4 / October 2001 A Note From the New Editor Details   PDF
Geza Ifju
Number 1 / January 2008 A Note of Special Thanks Details   PDF
Geza Ifju
Number 3 / Fall 1977 A Note on Anatomical Changes of White Oak Wood Upon Exposure to Gamma Radiation Abstract   PDF
P. K. Tabirih, E. A. McGinnes, M. A. Kay, C. A. Harlow
Number 4 / October 1988 A Note On Assessing The Deterioration Of Thin Wood Veneers During Weathering Abstract   PDF
P. D. Evans
Number 2 / April 1984 A Note on Cell Wall and Wood Substance Densities Abstract   PDF
F. C. Beall
Number 1 / January 1981 A Note on Density Change Patterns in Charred Wood Abstract   PDF
Bruce E. Cutter, E. Allen McGinnes
Number 2 / April 1981 A Note on Effects of Kiln Stick Thickness and Air Velocity on Drying Time of Southern Pine 2 by 4 and 2 by 6 Lumber Abstract   PDF
Eddie W. Price, Peter Koch
Number 4 / Winter 1977 A Note on Effects of Sewage Effluent Irrigation on Specific Gravity and Growth Rate of White and Red Oaks Abstract   PDF
P. S. Szopa, L. C. Tennyson, E. A. McGinnes
Number 4 / Winter 1975 A Note On Effects of Wounds On Heartwood Formation in White Oak (Quercus ALBA L.) Abstract   PDF
E. Allen McGinnes, Alex L. Shigo
Number 3 / Fall 1974 A Note on Light and Electron Microscopy Studies of White Pine Exposed to Marine Borer Damage Abstract   PDF
E. A. McGinnes, J. E. Phelps, P. J-Y. Lieu
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