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Number 2 / April 2007 Chinese Tallow Tree (Sapium Sebiferum) Utilization: Characterization of Extractives and Cell-Wall Chemistry Abstract   PDF
Thomas L. Eberhardt, Xiaobo Li, Todd F. Shupe, Chung Y. Hse
Number 1 / January 2005 Citing On-Line Sources Details   PDF
Robert L. Youngs
Number 1 / January 1996 Classification of Wood Surface Features by Spectral Reflectance Abstract   PDF
Patricia K. Lebow, Charles C. Brunner, Alberto G. Maristany, David A. Butler
Number 3 / July 2003 Classifying Defects in Pallet Stringers by Ultrasonic Scanning Abstract   PDF
Mohammed F. Kabir, Daniel L. Schmoldt, Philip A. Araman, Mark E. Schafer, Sang-Mook Lee
Vol 47, No 2 (2015) Climatic Signals in Wood Property Variables of Picea Crassifolia Abstract
Jianxiong Lu, Jinmei Xu, Yiqiang Wu, Xianjun Li, Robert Evans, Geoffrey M. Downes
Number 3 / July 1999 Clonal Variation In The Quality of Radiata Pine Random Width Boards Abstract   PDF
Robert Beauregard, Rado Gazo, Mark O. Kimberley, John Turner, Scott Mitchell, Anthony Shelbourne
Number 4 / October 1992 Code of Ethics Details   PDF
A. William Boehner
Number 1 / Spring 1977 Codes and Wood Products Abstract   PDF
Michael Westfall
Number 2 / April 2007 Color and Color Uniformity Variation of Scots Pine Wood in the Air-Dry Condition Abstract   PDF
Mika Grekin
Vol 50, No 4 (2018) Color Changes, EMC and Biological Resistance of Thermally Modified Yellow Poplar Abstract
A. F. Brito, F. W. Calonego, B. H. Bond, E.T.D. Severo
J. Baar, Z. Paschová, P. Čermák, R. Wimmer
Number 1 / January 1992 Colorimetric Analysis in Grading Black Walnut Veneer Abstract   PDF
Byron E. Boardman, John F. Senft, George P. McCabe, Christine M. Ladisch
Vol 49, No 2 (2017) Combustibility of Boron-Containing Fire Retardant Treated Bamboo Filaments Abstract
Lili Yu, Fang Lu, Daochun Qin, Haiqing Ren, Benhua Fei
Number 4 / October 1990 Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Sawdust-Coal Fine Pellets Abstract   PDF
Peter Y. S. Chen, Edward C. Workman, Jr.
Number 1 / Spring 1974 Comments on The Static Bending Strength of Wood-Plastic Composites Abstract   PDF
F. C. Beall, A. E. Witt
Number 1 / Spring 1976 Committee on Renewable Resources for Industrial Materials (Corrim) Details   PDF
S. B. Preston
Number 2 / April 1997 Comparative Decay of Heartwood and Sapwood of Red Maple Abstract   PDF
Susan E. Anagnost, William B. Smith
Number 2 / April 1989 Comparative Performance of Long-Term Loaded Wood Composite I-Beams and Sawn Lumber Abstract   PDF
Robert J. Leichti, R. C. Tang
Vol 46, No 4 (2014) Comparative Properties of Bamboo and Pine Pellets Abstract   PDF
Zhijia Liu, Zehui Jiang, Benhua Fei, Zhiyong Cai, Xing'e Liu
Number 2 /April 2002 Comparative Study of Acetylation of Rice Straw Fiber With or Without Catalysts Abstract   PDF
Xiao Feng Sun, RunCang Sun
Number 3 /July 2001 Comparative Study Of Methyl-Tert-Butyl Ether Extractives From RYE And Rice Straw Abstract   PDF
Xiao Feng Sun, RunCang Sun
Number 3 / July 2006 Comparison Between Genetic and Environmental Influences on Lumber Bending Properties in Young White Spruce Abstract   PDF
Jean Beaulieu, S. Y. Zhang, Qibin Yu, André Rainville
Vol 49, No 1 (2017) Comparison of Accelerated Methods for Evaluating Leaching from Preservative Treated Wood Abstract
Stan Lebow, Patricia Lebow, Kolby Hirth
Number 1 / Spring 1972 Comparison of Certain Structural Properties Among 3-Ply, 4-Ply and 5-Ply, 1/2-Inch Southern Pine Plywood Sheathing Abstract   PDF
Evangelos J. Biblis, Shan-Tung Hsu, Yen-Ming Chiu
Number 4 / October 2010 Comparison of Copper Leaching from Alkaline Copper Quat Type-D Treated Chinese Fir and Mongolian Scots Pine after Different Posttreatments Abstract   PDF
Lili Yu, Jinzhen Cao, Paul Cooper, Zhenzhong Tang
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