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Vol 47, No 1 (2015) Characteristics of Torques for Driving Screws into Wood-Based Composites Abstract
Onder Tor
Vol 47, No 1 (2015) Characteristics of Torques for Driving Screws into Wood-Based Composites Abstract
Onder Tor
Vol 47, No 1 (2015) Characteristics of Torques for Driving Screws into Wood-Based Composites Abstract
Onder Tor, Xiaohong Yu, Jilei Zhang
Number 4 / October 1988 Characteristics Of Wood Diaphragms: Experimental And Parametric Studies Abstract   PDF
Chung K. Cheung, Rafik Y. Itani, Anton Polensek
Number 4 / October 1986 Characteristics of Wound-Associated Wood of Yellow-Poplar (Liriodendron Tulipifera L.) Abstract   PDF
George Lowerts, E. A. Wheeler, Robert C. Kellison
Number 4 / October 1999 Characterization and Bioremediation of Birch Condensate Abstract   PDF
Wanli Ma, D. Pascal Kamdem, Paul Loconto, Yanlyang Pan, Douglas Gage, Benjamin E. Dawson-Andoh
Number 3 /July 2001 Characterization and Modeling of Knots in Black Spruce (Picea Mariana) Logs Abstract   PDF
Hugo Lemieux, Michel Beaudoin, S. Y. Zhang
Number 1 / January 2006 Characterization Methods for Elastic Properties of Wood Fibers from Mats for Composite Materials Abstract   PDF
R. Cristian Neagu, E. Kristofer Gamstedt, Mikael Lindström
Number 1 / January 1991 Characterization of Chemical Properties and Flow Parameters of Powdered Phenol-Formaldehyde Resins Abstract   PDF
Simon C. Ellis, Paul R. Steiner
Number 3 / July 2014 Characterization of Chemical Wood Modification with Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde Prepolymer on Fast-Growing Wood Abstract
Qian Lang, Bi Zeng, Jun-Wen Pu
Rod Stirling, John N. R. Ruddick, Wei Xue, Paul I. Morris, Pierre Kennepohl
Number 4 / October 1982 Characterization of Flake Orientation in Flakeboard By The Von Mises Probability Distribution Function Abstract   PDF
Robert A. Harris, Jay A. Johnson
Number 1 / January 2005 Characterization of Heat and Mass Transfer in the Mat during the Hot Pressing of MDF Panels Abstract   PDF
Rosilei A. Garcia, Alain Cloutier
Number 4 / October 1996 Characterization of Hydrolytic Degradation of U-f Joints Through Apparent Diffusivity Abstract   PDF
Jae Sik Na, Didier Ronze, André Zoulalian
Number 1 / January 2013 Characterization of Knots in Plantation White Spruce Abstract
Que-ju Tong, Isabelle Duchesne, Denis Belley, Michel Beaudoin, Edwin Swift
Number 2 / April 2014 Characterization of Major Components in Barks from Five Canadian Tree Species Abstract
Zeen Huang, Ning Yan
Number 4 / October 2000 Characterization of Sorption Behavior of Oriented Strandboard Under Long-term Cyclic Humidity Exposure Condition Abstract   PDF
Qinglin Wu, Yukun Ren
Number 2 / April 2014 Characterization of Surface Chemical Heterogeneity of Cellulosic Fibers Abstract
Delong Song, Kevin T. Hodgson
Number 3 / July 2004 Characterization of the Reinforcement Potential of Different Softwood Kraft Fibers in Softwood/Hardwood Pulp Mixtures Abstract   PDF
Shawn D. Mansfield, R. Paul Kibblewhite, Mark J.C. Riddell
Number 1 / January 1989 Characterization of Wetwood From Four Balsam Fir Trees Abstract   PDF
M. H. Schneider, Lei Zhou
Number 1 / January 2012 Characterization of Wood Strands From Young, Small-Diameter Douglas-Fir and Western Hemlock Trees Abstract   PDF
Vikram Yadama, Eini C. Lowell, Christopher E. Langum
Number 3 / July 2005 Characterizing Liquid Resin Penetration In Wood Using A Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter Abstract   PDF
Weiqiu Wang, Ning Yan
Number 2 / April 2001 Characterizing Microscopic Behavior of Wood Under Transverse Compression. Part II. Effect of Species and Loading Direction Abstract   PDF
Taghi Tabarsa, Ying Hei Chui
Supplement 1 Characterizing the Importance of Carbon Stored in Wood Products Abstract   PDF
Bruce Lippke, Jim Wilson, Jamie Meil, Adam Taylor
Number 1 / January 1983 Characterizing the Nonlinear Behavior of Flakeboards Abstract   PDF
Theodore L. Laufenberg
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