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Number 3 / July 2014 Book Review: Natural Fiber Composites: Materials, Processes and Properties, edited by Alma Hodzic and Robert Shanks Details
Rubin Shmulsky
Number 3 / July 2012 Book Review: Tree-Ring Studies Research in Asia, edited by N. Pumijumnong, Q. Zhang, D. Eckstein, and P. Baas Details   PDF
Jugo Ilic
Number 2 / April 2012 Book Review: Wood Science for Promoting Legal Timber, edited by Alex C. Wiedenhoeft and Pieter Baas Details   PDF
Jim L. Bowyer
Vol 50, No 1 (2018) Books Abstract
Bob Smith
Number 1 / January 2004 Books Review: The Nature and Reactions of Lignin—A New Paradigm, by Kaj G. Forss and Kaj-Erik Fremer. 2003. Order from Academic Bookstore, BP 128, 00101 Helsinki, Finland. or from TAPPI Press, 558 pp. (ISBN 952-91-4091-6) Details   PDF
Wolfgang G. Glasser
Number 2 / April 2005 Books: Fracture and Fatigue in Wood, by L. Smith, E. Landis, and M. Gong 2003. John Wiley and Sons Chichester, England 229 pp. (ISBN 0-471-48708-2) Hardcover $130. Details   PDF
Bo Kasal
Number 1 / January 1986 Bound Chlorinated Residue in Chloropicrin-Treated Douglas-Fir Abstract   PDF
Barry S. Goodell, Robert L. Krahmer, Robert D. Graham
Number 3 / July 2012 Bowtie Beams: Novel Engineered Structural Beams from Southern Pine Lumber Abstract   PDF
Maisaa Kakeh, Joseph Dahlen, Rubin Shmulsky, P. David Jones, R. Daniel Seale
Number 3 / July 2006 Box Compression Analysis of World-Wide Data Spanning 46 Years Abstract   PDF
Thomas J. Urbanik, Benjamin Frank
Number 4 / Winter 1980 Break 1-9: Anybody Got Your Ears On? Details   PDF
H. M. Barnes
Vol 50, No 4 (2018) Breakeven Point in Ultimate Thickness Between Moisture-Reduced Shrinkage and Thickness Recovery of Densified Softwood Species: Part 1: At Room Temperature Abstract
Meng Gong, Ling Li
Number 2 / April 1987 Buckling of Axially Loaded, Long Rectangular Paperboard Plates Abstract   PDF
Millard W. Johnson, Jr, Thomas J. Urbanik
Number 1 / Spring 1977 Building Codes and their Application Abstract   PDF
James Bihr
Number 2 / Summer 1977 Building Design and the Fire Hazard Abstract   PDF
T. Z. Harmathy
Number 4 / October 1987 Butt Joint Reinforcement in Parallel-Laminated Veneer (PLV) Lumber Abstract   PDF
D. S. Larson, L. B. Sandberg, T. L. Laufenberg, G. P. Krueger, R. E. Rowlands
Number 1 / January 1988 Calculation of Wood Density Variation From X-ray Densitometer Data Abstract   PDF
Nancy K. Walker, Richard S. Dodd
Number 2 / April 2014 Calculations of Shear Moduli of Three-Ply Cross-Laminated Wood Panels from Shear Moduli of Individual Laminae Abstract
H. M. Park, M. Fushitani
Number 3 / July 1988 Calibration Procedure For A Direct Scanning Densitometer Using Gamma Radiation Abstract   PDF
W. W. Moschler, Jr., E. F. Dougal
Number 2 / April 1999 Can "Marketing" Options Attract Students to Forest Products Programs? Details   PDF
Paul M. Smith, Bob Youngs
Number 1 / January 1989 Carbon and Hydrogen Contents of Short-Rotation Biomass of Five Hardwood Species Abstract   PDF
Poo Chow, G. L. Rolfe
Number 2 / April 2004 Carbonization of Wood-Silica Composites and Formation of Silicon Carbide in the Cell Wall Abstract   PDF
Takeshi Furuno, Masashi Fujisawa
Number 2 / April 2008 Case Study of the Economic Feasibility of a Red Oak Small-Diameter Timber Sawmill and Pallet-Part Mill Abstract   PDF
Brian Perkins, Robert Smith, Brian Bond
Samuel L. Zelinka, Leandro Passarini, Jose Colon Quintana, Samuel V. Glass, Joseph E. Jakes, Alex C. Wiedenhoeft
Number 2 / April 2011 Cell Wall Porosity in Norway Spruce Wood as Affected by High-Temperature Drying Abstract   PDF
Marc Borrega, Petri P. Kärenlampi
Number 2 / April 1987 Cellular Kinetics of Compression Wood Formation in Slash Pine Abstract   PDF
L. E. Nix, C. L. Brown
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