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Number 2 / April 1999 Application of Nelson's Sorption Isotherm to Wood Composites and Overlays Abstract   PDF
Qinglin Wu
Number 2 / April 1994 Application of the Dichromatic Reflection Model to Wood Abstract   PDF
Alberto G. Maristany, Patricia K. Lebow, Charles C. Brunner
Number 4 / October 2005 Application of the ESEM Technique in Wood Research. Part II. Comparison of Operational Modes Abstract   PDF
Hrvoje Turkulin, Lorenz Holzer, Klaus Richter, Juergen Sell
Number 4 / October 2005 Application of the ESEM Technique in Wood Research: Part I. Optimization of Imaging Parameters and Working Conditions Abstract   PDF
Hrvoje Turkulin, Lorenz Holzer, Klaus Richter, Juergen Sell
Number 4 / October 1996 Application of The Lifshitz-van Der Waals Acid-base Approach To Determine Wood Surface Tension Components Abstract   PDF
Douglas J. Gardner
Number 1 / January 1988 Applications of Infrared Photoacoustic Spectroscopy For Wood Samples Abstract   PDF
Mon-lin Kuo, John F. McClelland, Siquan Luo, Po-Liang Chien, R. D. Walker, Chung-Yun Hse
Number 2 / April 2012 Applications of Perpendicular-To-Grain Compression Behavior in Real Wood Construction Assemblies Abstract   PDF
Craig T. Basta, Rakesh Gupta, Robert J. Leichti, Arijit Sinha
Number 3 / July 2005 Approaches to, and Perceived Benefits of, Training in the Secondary Wood Industry Abstract   PDF
Matthew S. Bumgardner, Urs Buehlmann, Albert T. Schuler, Brooke Baldwin Wisdom
Number 3 / Fall 1970 Aqueous Interfaces in Plant Cells Abstract   PDF
S. K. Asunmaa
Number 2 / April 2007 Arrangement of Cell-Wall Constituents in Chemically Treated Norway Spruce Tracheids Abstract   PDF
Tanja Zimmermann, Klaus Richter, Nico Bordeanu, Jürgen Sell
Number 2 / April 1985 Aspen Wood Anatomy and Fluid Transport Abstract   PDF
W. R. Perng, K. I. Brebner, M. H. Schneider
Number 2 / April 1994 Assessing Biocide Effects on Protoplasts of Wood Decay Fungi Abstract   PDF
Chen Rui, Jeffrey J. Morrell
Number 4 / October 1993 Assessing Fungal Decay of Wood By Small-scale Toughness Tests Abstract   PDF
Camille M. Sexton, Malcolm E. Corden, Jeffrey J. Morrell
Number 4 / October 1994 Assessing Internal Hurricane Damage To Standing Pine Poletimber Abstract   PDF
Timothy D. Faust, Mark M. Fuller, Robert H. McAlister, Stanley J. Zarnoch
Vol 51, No 1 (2019) Assessing Southern Pine 2x4 and 2x6 Lumber Quality: Longitudinal and Transverse Vibration Abstract
F.J.N. França, R. D. Seale, R. Shmulsky, T.S.F.A. França
Number 4 / October 2002 Assessing the Effect of Swelling Pressures in Particleboard and MDF Using Acoustic Emission Technology Abstract   PDF
Robert W. Rice, Chunyan Wang
Number 2 / April 2009 Assessing Wood Quality of Borer-Infested Red Oak Logs with a Resonance Acoustic Technique Abstract   PDF
Xiping Wang, Henry E. Stelzer, Jan Wiedenbeck, Patricia K. Lebow, Robert J. Ross
Min Hu, A. Olsson, M. Johansson, J. Oscarsson, E. Serrano
Number 1 / January 2009 Assessment of Appalachian Hardwood Residue Properties and Potentials for Bioenergy Utilization Abstract   PDF
Adebola Adebayo, Jingxin Wang, Benjamin Dawson-Andoh, Joseph F. McNeel, James P. Armstrong
Number 1 / January 2011 Assessment of Forest Products Undergraduate Education in the United States Abstract   PDF
Shane C. Kitchens, Rubin Shmulsky, H. Michael Barnes
Number 2 / April 2008 Assessment of Longitudinal Shrinkage and Swelling Using the APA and ASTM Methods Abstract   PDF
Trevor G. Jones, Ian G. Simpson, Jonathan J. Harrington
Number 3 / July 2013 Assessment of White Spruce and Jack Pine Stem Curvature from a Nelder Spacing Experiment Abstract
D. Belley, M. Beaudoin, I. Duchesne, S. Vallerand, Q. J. Tong, D. E. Swift
Number 4 / Winter 1979 Atlanta Revisited Details   PDF
Number 1 / January 2005 Attribute Elicitation: Implications in the Research Context1 Abstract   PDF
Jason P. Brandt, Steven R. Shook
Number 3 / July 2000 Automated Labeling of Log Features in CT Imagery of Multiple Hardwood Species Abstract   PDF
Daniel L. Schmoldt, Jing He, A. Lynn Abbott
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