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Imamura, Yuji

  • Number 1 / January 1989 - Research Contributions
    Dimensional Stability, Decay Resistance, and Mechanical Properties of Veneer-Faced Low-Density Particleboards Made From Acetylated Wood
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  • Number 2 / April 1988 - Research Contributions
    Strength Tests on Acetylated Aspen Flakeboards Exposed to a Brown-Rot Fungus
    Abstract  PDF
  • Number 4 / October 1998 - Research Contributions
    Effect of Boron Addition to Adhesive and/or Surface Coating on Fire-Retardant Properties of Particleboard
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  • Number 2 / April 1999 - Research Contributions
    Biological, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of Compressed-Wood Polymer Composite (CWPC) Pretreated with Boric Acid
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