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Bergman, Richard D.

  • Number 3 / July 2008 - Research Contributions
    Environmental Impact of Producing Hardwood Lumber Using Life-Cycle Inventory
    Abstract  PDF
  • Supplement 1 - Research Contributions
    Environmental Impact of Manufacturing Softwood Lumber in Northeastern and North Central United States
    Abstract  PDF
  • Number 3 / July 2014 - Research Contributions
    Life Cycle Impacts of Manufacturing Redwood Decking in Northern California
    Abstract  PDF
  • Number 1 / January 2012 - Research Contributions
    Life-Cycle Inventory of Manufacturing Hardwood Lumber in Southeastern US
    Abstract  PDF
  • Number 4 / October 2011 - Research Contributions
    Life Cycle Inventory of Manufacturing Prefinished Engineered Wood Flooring in Eastern us with Comparsion to Solid Strip Wood Flooring
    Abstract  PDF