Knife- Versus Abrasive-Planed Wood: Quality of Adhesive Bonds

Ronald W. Jokerst, Harold A. Stewart


Glueline strength and durability were determined for abrasive- versus knife-planed wood surfaces. Laminated beam sections were made, 16 each of southern pine and Douglas-fir, using 4 surfacing treatments prior to laminating. The four treatments were knife planing, and abrasive planing with 36, 60, and 80 grit. Comparisons were made of resistance to glueline separation after accelerated aging, of bond shear strength, and of percentage wood failure within a species group.

Under microscopic examination, abrasive planing showed crushing and tearing of the wood surface, whereas knife planing showed a clean-cut surface. Gluelines with abrasive-planed surfaces were similar to the knife-planed in shear strength, were higher in percentage of wood failure, and lower in resistance to glueline separation upon accelerated aging.


Bond quality;durability;gluelines;planing;surfacing

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