Treatability and CCA Preservative Distribution Within Ten Indonesian Hardwoods

Leo Maturbongs, Marc H. Schneider


Samples were cut from stems of 10 Indonesian hardwoods. They were conditioned to 12% moisture content and then pressure-treated in a commercial plant using CCA type C. Liquid preservative uptake, penetration depth, fraction of voids filled, and distribution (percent of each cell type penetrated) were measured. Heartwood and sapwood of many of the species had high uptakes and good penetration, making them promising candidates for further work. Some of the species that showed good uptake exhibited poorly treated fibers, ray cells, or axial parenchyma. Tyloses, gummy materials, axial parenchyma presence and location, and ray canals affected preservative liquid uptake and distribution.


Treatability;CCA;anatomy;tropical hardwoods;penetration index;uptake;preservation;preservative;void fraction;Indonesia;Irian Jaya

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