Product Awareness and Physical Risk Perceptions of Consumers of Treated Lumber

Steven A. Sinclair, Paul M. Smith


This research examines risk, an important determinant of consumer decision-making, as a function of product awareness and physical risk perceptions. Specifically, this study addresses the risk from treated lumber products that professional and do-it-yourself retail customers perceive. In September 1985 a settlement agreement between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the wood-preserving industry regarding the use and sale of wood-treating chemicals was signed. One aspect of this agreement involved the education of consumers as to the proper use, handling and disposal of the preservative-treated lumber products. Consumer Information Sheets, the backbone of the Consumer Awareness Program, were employed to disseminate these basic safety precautions. This study measures the effectiveness of the Consumer Awareness Program by evaluating consumer awareness of the Consumer Information Sheets and evaluates the knowledge, awareness, and physical risk perceptions that retail customers have regarding treated lumber products.


CCA;treated lumber;risk;safety;Consumer Awareness Program

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