Rectangular Mortise and Full-Width Tenon Joints in Ready-to-Assemble Light-Frame Timber Constructions


  • Carl A. Eckelman
  • Eva Haviarova


Rectangular mortise and tenon joints, full-width tenons, ready-to-assemble light-frame timber constructions


Research has demonstrated the suitability of light-frame timber constructions for ready-to-assemble housing. In this study, tests were conducted to determine the semirigid rotation characteristics of full-width mortise and tenon joints along with their moment capacity. Semirigid rotation factors varied from 12.27 × 10-6 rad/N·m for joints with 37.9-mm-thick × 146.1-mm-deep rails with 93.0-mm-deep tenons to 2.57 × 10-6 rad/N·m for 36.5-mm-thick × 254.0-mm-deep rails with 200.2-mm-deep tenons. Moment capacity of joints with full-width tenons varied from 9360 N·m for 36.5-mm-thick × 254-mm-deep rails with 200.2-mm-deep tenons to 2810 N·m for joints with 37.9-mm-thick × 146.1-mm-deep rails with 93.0-mm-deep tenons. Moment capacity of the joints could be closely estimated by regression expressions that take into account shear area along the neutral axis between the cross-pin and the end of the tenon and shear area of the relish itself.


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