Simulation Modeling of Particleboard Density Profile

Shuming Suo, Jim L. Bowyer


Particleboard properties are affected by the vertical density profile among other factors. To predict or model board properties, one needs to determine the density profile. A simulation model was developed in this study to model the vertical density profile by simulating the hot pressing process of a particleboard. Temperature and moisture content profiles during hot pressing in the thickness direction of a pressed mat and the influential factors affecting wood compressibility were modeled such that they can be determined at any moment of pressing. The models developed allow calculations of the profiles to be carried out by either the finite difference method or an alternative approximation method presented herein. The density profile was modeled based on the compressibility and the resulting strain of each layer of the board thickness due to pressing.


Particleboard;simulation modeling;density profile;temperature profile;moisture content profile;finite difference method

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