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Cyclic Performance of Wood Shear Walls as Affected by Decay

Erin N. Anderson, Robert J. Leichti


Although decay fungi can degrade nail connection performance in light-frame structures, the effect of decay on overall wall performance has received little attention. This study investigated the effect of biological deterioration on the cyclic performance of a light-frame shear wall of typical construction by using the hysteretic parameters of decayed and laterally loaded single-fastener tests and structural analysis with a numerical model, Cyclic Analysis of SHEar Walls (CASHEW). The model output provided hysteretic parameters for the wall system, which were used to assess the impact of decay on the performance of the shear wall. The input nail hysteretic parameters were generated from distributions developed from single-nail connection test data and assigned to appropriate nail locations in the shear wall models. The initial stiffness of the shear wall assembly was more sensitive than peak capacity when the wall was exposed to decay; displacement at peak capacity was unaffected. Shear wall performance was not seriously affected, however, until a large proportion of the perimeter nail connections were severely decayed.


Wood;shear walls;CASHEW;decay;nail properties;light frame;lateral force resistance

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