Mechanical Properties of Red Maple Structural Lumber

David W. Green, Kent A. McDonald


Efficient utilization of hardwood structural lumber depends on developing better procedures of grading and property assignment. In this study, we evaluated the properties of red maple 2- by 4-in. (standard 38- by 89-mm) lumber tested in bending and in tension and compression parallel to the grain and compared the results to published values derived by ASTM D 245 clear wood procedures. The results indicate that significant increases in allowable properties could be obtained using procedures based on tests of full-size lumber. The results also demonstrate that the relationships between lumber strength in compression parallel to grain and bending strength and between tension parallel to grain and bending strength are similar to those for softwood species. Thus, procedures used to assign properties to mechanically graded softwood species should be applicable to red maple.


Red maple;mechanical properties;bending;tension parallel to grain;compression parallel to grain;mechanical grading

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