Some Mechanical Properties of Small Specimens Cut from 1.79-inch-thick Southern Pine Dried for 6 Hours at 300 F or for 5 Days at 180 F-A Comparison

Peter Koch, Walker L. Wellford


Small specimens cut from 1.79-inch-thick southern pine dried from green condition for 6 hours at a dry-bulb temperature of 300 F suffered no diminution in the mechanical properties determined, when compared to matched wood dried for 5 days at 180 F. Properties were as follows:

Dried 5 days at 180 F Dried 6 hours at 300 F

Modulus of elasticity (psi) 1,580,000 1,740,000

Modulus of rupture (psi) 12,980 15,390

Proportional limit (psi) 5,210 5,800

Toughness (inch pounds) 234 252

Face hardness (pounds) 822 888

End hardness (pounds) 941 1,129

Moisture content of the 300-degree wood at test (about 9%) averaged nearly two percentage points less than that of the 180-degree wood after equilibration.


<i>Pinus taeda</i>;<i>Pinus palustris</i>;southern pine;high temperature drying;kiln schedules;modulus of elasticity;modulus of rupture;toughness;hardness;moisture content

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