Theoretical Wood Densitometry: III. Mean Density and Density Variation on Stem Cross-Sections

C. J. Liu, Ye Tian


Wood densitometry measures micro-scale densities in specimens that are subsamples drawn from trees receiving various treatments. However, forestry research often requires macro-scale wood density in experimental units for testing for significance of treatment effects. Acquisition of desired macro-scale wood density expressions necessitates mathematical manipulation. To facilitate direct calculation of mean density and density variation in an individual segment or in an arbitrary aggregate of segments and to derive indirect estimation of density mean and variation in annuli and cross-sections, wood density profiles have been modeled as continuous functions whose values are linearly interpolated. Theoretical macro-scale wood density expressions have been derived from applying normalization procedures and both linear and quadratic weights to micro-scale densities. Examples demonstrate the use of newly developed equations to calculate density means and root-mean-squares in single and multiple densitometric data sets.


Stem profile;normalization;weighting;latewood;annual ring

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