Study of Restricted Diffusion in Wood


  • H. Peemoeller
  • M. E. Hale
  • M. H. Schneider
  • A. R. Sharp
  • D. W. Kydon


Wood, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), restricted diffusion


An NMR study of restricted diffusion of water in Douglas-fir wood was undertaken using the pulsed field gradient method. The measurements were performed at 25 C and at two different moisture contents. Analysis of the results shows that the restricted diffusion of water molecules in this sample can be adequately described using a restricted diffusion model that considers diffusion to occur between infinite planar barriers. Two different barrier separations were incorporated into the model in order to obtain a good correspondence between the calculated and experimental results. Excellent agreement exists between parameters deduced from the NMR measurements and known anatomical data.


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