Some Observations of Wood Density and Anatomical Properties in A Douglas-Fir Sample with Suppressed Growth


  • J. Y. Zhu
  • David W. Vahey
  • C. Tim. Scott


SilviScan, tracheid, wood density, diameter, wall thickness, anisotropy, image analysis, resolution, suppressed growth, small diameter, thinnings, pulp


This study used ring width correlations to examine the effects of tree-growth suppression on within-tree local wood density and tracheid anatomical properties. A wood core sample was taken from a 70-yr-old Douglas-fir that grew under various degrees of suppression in a natural forest setting. SilviScan and an imaging technique were used to obtain wood density and tracheid cross-section dimensions. The results indicated that wood and tracheid properties correlate to annual-ring width very well. The results also reveal that growth suppression may increase the uniformity of wood density and tracheid cell-wall thickness in both radial and tangential directions.


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