Influence of Provenance, Subspecies, and Site on Wood Density in Eucalyptus Globulus Labill.

Isabel Miranda, M. Helena Almeida, Helena Pereira


The wood density of Eucalyptus globulus was measured as basic density in 7-year-old trees from 37 provenances grown in three sites, on cores taken at breast height. The wood density was highly significantly influenced by provenance and very significantly by site. The across-site range of variation of wood density in the different provenances was between 486 kg/m3 and 430 kg/m3. The provenances of subspecies maidenii had a significantically higher density in relation to those from spp. globulus and bicostata (472 kg/m3 vs. 448 kg/m3 and 443 kg/m3). No correlation between growth and density was found.


<i>Eucalyptus globulus</i>;wood density;provenance;site;subspecies

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