A Comparison of Energy Requirements for Kiln-Drying Southern Pine At Different Drying Temperatures

Fred W. Taylor


The energy consumption used to dry green pine dimension lumber in a 1,200-board-foot-capacity experimental kiln was studied at various operating conditions. Energy consumed by the steam-heated kiln was measured with the aid of a system of condensers and holding tanks that separated and collected the steam condensate.

Results show that charges dried at high temperature (240 F) required 12% less energy than similar charges dried in a similar way at 190 F, and 15% less energy than charges dried at temperatures between 165 and 175 F. Data are presented to illustrate that differences in energy for drying at different temperatures are the result of increased heat lost by radiation during the longer kiln residence required when drying at lower temperatures.


Drying energy;kiln drying;steam consumption;high-temperature drying;southern pine drying

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