Probabilistic Modeling of Glued-Laminated Timber Beams

R. Hernandez, D. A. Bender, B. A. Richburg, K. S. Kline


An existing glued-laminated (glulam) timber beam simulation model was refined in this research. This refined model, referred to as PROLAM, incorporates results from recent research on localized lumber and end joint properties. Simulated beams are analyzed for strength using a transformed section method and analyzed for stiffness using a complementary virtual work technique. Other features of PROLAM include user options to proof test individual grades of lumber and to analyze the propagation of end joint and lamination failures that occur during a beam failure.

PROLAM was validated using independent glulam beam test data provided by the American Institute of Timber Construction. The simulated beam results were found to be in close agreement with the actual beam test results. In addition, predictions of allowable bending stress compared favorably with published design values.


Simulation;glulam beams;reliability;modeling;glued-laminated

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