Determination of Resin Distribution and Coverage in MDF by Fiber Staining

Warren J. Grigsby, Armin Thumm, Frederick A. Kamke


A staining procedure to visualize amino-based resins on MDF fiber has been developed in which dry-blended and blowline-resinated MDF fiber can be stained and resin features on the fiber assessed by confocal microscopy and image analysis. Resin coverage and distribution results determined on stained dry-blended fiber resinated using differing spray atomization regimes were found comparable to those from fluorescently labelled UF resin. Stained blowline-resinated fiber from several MDF mills were analyzed to compare resin distributions. Differences in resin coverage and distribution were observed for changes to resin loading and for modifications to blowline and nozzle parameters. This fiber staining method has the potential to be used as a tool to assess the influence of varying MDF processing conditions for line improvements, quality control, and trouble-shooting applications.

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