Absence of Growth-Wood Property Correlation in Twenty-Seven Black Pine Seed Sources

Chen H. Lee


A black pine (Pinus nigra Arnold) plantation consisting of 27 seed sources in southwestern Lower Michigan furnished the study material. At age 10 from seed, a lateral branch from the south aspect of the top whorl of each tree was collected to study the genetic variation in specific gravity and tracheid length and to relate those with height growth. The between-seed source differences in branch wood properties and height growth were all significant at the 1% level. However, the growth-wood property correlation was weak. Neither was the specific gravity-tracheid length correlation significant. This study confirmed the previous work that seed from the eastern species range should be used in the Lake States area. Use of faster growing material in the planting program does not cause the production of lower wood quality. It is further suggested that the two wood properties were controlled by different genes.


Pinus nigra;specific gravity;tracheid length;height growth;provenance tests;genetic variation;wood quality

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