Toward a Process Monitoring and Control of a CNC Wood Router: Development of an Adaptive Control System for Routing White Birch

Piotr Iskra, Roger E. Hernández


An adaptive optimization system for routing white birch was developed to control feed speed to produce a desired degree of surface roughness. The system consisted of an interconnected adaptive controller linked to a numerically controlled router. Online estimation of surface roughness was made based on directionalized measurement of sound pressure. By knowing the surface roughness at a given moment and its permissible limit, the adaptive controller was able to take decisive action to adjust the feed speed. The adaptive control system was able to detect changes in the surface quality and, as a result, vary the feed speed. Therefore, surface roughness was maintained below a predetermined level and productivity could be increased. Comparison with the resultant surface roughness when machining the same sample at constant feed speed confirmed the applicability of the adaptive control system for wood machining.


White birch;routing;adaptive control system;cutting process;optimization;surface roughness prediction

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