Reliability-Based System Factor for Serviceability Design of Wood Floors

David V. Rosowsky, Kenneth J. Fridley, Pyoyoon Hong


A structural analysis model for parallel-member wood joist floors is developed that includes the effect of component creep. Viscoelastic material models are calibrated using the data from a recently completed experimental program conducted as part of this overall study. Using this system model, deflection serviceability reliability analyses of parallel-member wood systems, including the effects of creep deformation, are conducted. Stochastic load models are used to simulate the time-varying nature of applied loads. Multiple limit state definitions for deflection serviceability of parallel-member wood floors are considered. Monte Carlo simulation is used to evaluate limit state probabilities. Reliability indices for current serviceability design provisions are also evaluated, and a serviceability system factor for Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) is recommended.


Creep;design;floor system;reliability;serviceability;wood

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