Satisfying Consumers' "Green" Wants: An Impetus for Education

Judd H. Michael, Paul M. Smith


Customer satisfaction is one of the most important results that should be sought after in a firm's marketing strategy. With an increasing number of consumers considering themselves to be "environmentalists," and an even greater number making purchase decisions based upon the perceived "greenness" of a product, wood products producers can no longer afford to neglect consumers' satisfaction with their products on the "green" dimension. Consumers' "green" wants should have an increasing impact on wood products that do not satisfy these wants. This paper provides an example of consumers' green wants for a wood-based product, and how misperceptions of the environmental impact of such a product can decrease satisfaction on the "green" dimension. Implications are drawn for wood products marketers, and for those in positions to educate consumers about the environmental friendliness of wood products.


Customer satisfaction;diapers;green marketing;consumer education

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