Investigations of Flakeboard Mat Consolidation. Part I. Characterizing The Cellular Structure

Christopher A. Lenth, Frederick A. Kamke


As the wood-based composites industry continues to grow larger and more advanced, there is a need for a more fundamental understanding of material behavior during the hot-pressing process. This work describes the development and implementation of a method for quantifying the cellular structure of a flakehoard mat. Cross-sectional images of narrow mat sections and 6-in, x 6-in. mats were obtained, and structural parameters were quantified using computer image analysis techniques. Mat structure was analyzed with respect to: the percent area of mat cross section occupied by voids, the size and shape of individual voids, and the distribution of void size and shape. For mats formed with flakes oriented both randomly and parallel to the image plane, there was no significant difference in the average area of individual voids between the narrow mat sections and 6-in. x 6-in. mats. However, a significant difference in average area of individual voids between the two mat types was observed in mats formed with flakes oriented perpendicular to the image plane. Void size was not significantly allected by the direction of flake orientation. Void shape was significantly affected by both the method of mat formation and the direction of flake orientation.


Oriented strandboard;wood flake mats;consolidation;hot-pressing;image analysis

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